Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When Cats Attack...Yarn Projects


I started a new test project the other night--wanted to try 3 strands of fingering weight alpaca on size 10 needles to see how they draped, with an easy lace pattern I found in a book. 

I cast on, knitted a few rows---messed up--frogged--tried again--messed up, then gave up for the night.  Thought I'd frog it again & start fresh the next day.

The cats had other ideas...Pinkie & Otie really like the taste of alpaca, having sampled the Alpaca Love Dusk on my previous projects.  I had my yarn bag hanging on my chair and sometime in the night, they got into my yarn.  It was spread all over the kitchen floor when found the next morning.  But they both have "practiced" innocent looks....

Happy Knitting & get some sleep!

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