Friday, January 14, 2011

Mexiko Worsted Scarf..

Just started this scarf yesterday--because I wanted to see how this yarn patterned out.  It's knit in garter stitch on Size 10 straight Kollage Square needles, 30 stitches per row.  The yarn is Big Mexiko superwash wool, worsted weight, color #7966.  I can see why they call it "Mexiko"--it knits out to a pattern you might see on a poncho in a Tijuana market.  How neat!  These are 85m per 50 gram ball, so two balls should be enough for a scarf.    You'll notice that the stitch tension is very even--that's not my expertise, it's the Kollage needles.  They really are good about making stitch tension even.
You can find Big Mexiko yarn and Kollage needles in my ebay store Gotta Notion.

Happy Knitting & get some sleep!

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