Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another generation gets infected...

My niece Jodi got infected with the yarn bug--often it takes a specific yarn or project to infect a knitter--in her case, she decided she wanted to learn how to knit SOCKS, and use our new flying saucer yarn.   But you don't start out knitting socks, so she learned on this.  It's a combination of some light teal TLC Amore acrylic boucle yarn, and a dark aqua mohair acrylic.  She knit both strands on size 10 Kollage square single point needles, 30 stitches per row.  She knit until it was about 36 inches long.  I cast it off and sewed it into a mobius for her, but I think she's ready to do it herself.  She did a beautiful job.  On to learning how to purl, and then socks!

I'm working on a scarf made with Schaefer hand painted Elaine yarn in the Julia Child colorway.  It's a wool boucle that varies in size from very wide to very thin.  Garter stitch, using the #10 Kollage needles causes it to have a wonderful fan pattern due only to the change in yarn size.  I'll post a picture soon.  Here's a picture of the yarn, though.

Happy knitting &  get some sleep!

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