Monday, January 31, 2011

The Etiquette of Knitting in Meetings

I recently got asked to be on the board for a historic preservation committee (hmm... maybe it's because I'm turning 50 this year and am in need of a little Preservation myself....)  Meetings practically give me hives--I can't stand them, so it's really hard to say yes, even though it's a good cause.

It brought to mind the idea that I could attend a meeting and KNIT (especially a Knit In Your Sleep project) and it wouldn't be so bad.

Google brings up a lot of blog opinions about whether it's okay to knit in a meeting.  The best conversation I've seen is one dated 2005 by Wendy Knits.

The consensus seems to be:

In Church:  No, unless it's very informal and it would be okay with your pastor
Other Church Functions:  Sure, why not.
Work Meetings:  No, unless you've cleared it with your boss
Homeowner Association Meetings:  Yes
Volunteer Meetings:  Yes
Classes:  Depends on the class and the professor

The rule of thumb is:  If it distracts YOU or OTHERS or would appear impolite, keep it in your bag. 

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