Saturday, December 18, 2010

Easy Taiga Cowl Scarf


Knitting CAN be all about counting and intricate patterns--but when can't get to sleep and just want something to knit without thinking about, nothing's easier than plain old knitting.  But easy doesn't have to mean plain.

This scarf  is designed with a fun boucle "Schulana Taiga" in mind.  It's all knit stitch, which on a circular needle turns out "stockinette stitch."

This pattern takes 2 skeins and uses size 15 29" circular needles.  Gauge is not important.  You're knitting in your sleep after all. 

The pattern:  Cast on 115 stitches.  Knit until you run out of the first skein of yarn.  Tie the second skein on & knit until you have about 6 feet of yarn left.  Bind off.  THAT is the pattern.  Easy eh?  And it looks so cool.  It's about 36" in circumference.

Note that I do sell yarn on ebay, and have this yarn posted on my store at:

Schulana Taiga Yarn 2 skeins w Scarf pattern

Happy Knitting, and get some sleep!

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