Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Easy Mobius Cowl Scarf

These short scarves, similar to cowl necks are popular this year.  I got the idea for the mobius scarf after seeing numerous scarves like these for $50-70 in the catalogs. 

The mobius cowl scarf, depending on the fiber used, can be knitted on size 13-35 needles.  The needle size will also determine how many stitches you use.

The first scarf shown was knitted on size 13 needles, 25 stitches per row.  The yarn is Schulana Rodeo Mohair--very soft--available in five different colors at Mobius Cowl Scarf
The pattern:  Cast on 25 stitches.  Knit garter stitch, slipping the first stitch on each row, until you have about 2 feet of yarn left.  Fold the scarf in half, then flip ONE end, so the scarf has one twist in it. 

To bind off: pick up one stitch from the beginning (flipped) end onto your needle, then knit two stitches together as you bind off.  Keep doing that, and you'll have knitted then ends together as you cast off.  Easy!

Great Free Patterns can be found on Skacel Knitting's web site at: Skacel Free Patterns

And here's another version of the mobius cowl, knitted on sz 35 needles with black metallic fun fur, a silver/black ribbon yarn, a worsted weight black boucle.


Happy Knitting, and get some sleep!

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