Friday, March 4, 2011

Learning cables--they're not that hard

I've been hesitant to learn how to cable knit because I thought it would be's easy.  The only thing is, you DO have to keep track of which row you're in.

When I found an easy cable knit hat in my "Knit  Pattern of the Day" calendar, I decided to try it.  Not bad at all.  Of course, since I'm easily distracted, it's not done yet, but the cable band was a breeze.

The project is done in fingering weight yarn, just some I grabbed out of the stash purchased at a garage sale.  Size 4 needles.  16 stitches per row, 8 repeating rows.  On the 4th row, you move 3 stitches to another needle (dpn or cable needle works best), hold those stitches in front, then knit 3 stitches, knit the 3 from the other needle and continue on with the pattern.    The other part of each row is the same (right side knit 3, purl 2 on either side of the cable, and just the opposite on the wrong side.)  Cast off, sew together and then pick up stitches for the remainder of the hat on circular needles.  That's where I am now.

Not perfect, of course, but not bad for a first attempt, and on those tiny size 4's in the middle of the night with cats helping.  Now, of course, delusions of grandeur, and I have another pattern I'm trying that is VERY complicated.  Why do I do this?

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