Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stash of abandoned projects

After "Snowmageddon" yesterday, I'm working from home today, which means no camera to take pictures of stuff with, but at least I still have an internet connection...and an opportunity to go through my yarn stash.  I have a boat load of abandoned projects. 

In the past, some of my Bright Ideas have included:
1) A mink coat (one cuff finished--I abandoned the project after realizing bulky chenille was not a good choice and gave the yarn to a friend).

2) A squirrel (part of a side finished before I gave up on it). 

3) A yoga mat bag (this one is in the planning stage)
4) A BIG felted purse (about 50 rows from being done, then I need to find handles--tentatively decided to buy some suede tote handles like these to sew in after felting the bag. 

These handles retail for $18.99, but it's a pretty good sized bag, knitted on #10 needles, double strand.  So it's using a LOT of yarn and is pretty hard on my hands.  I only do a few rows once in a while.  It's in variegated blues and greens and will be gorgeous if it's ever finished.  I'll post a picture in process.   Should just start carrying the camera in my car so I have easy access to it.

I promised myself I'd finish this one!  We'll see how large it is when I finish--if I like the size it is, I may choose not to felt it, since it's pretty tightly knit already.

5) Merino wool cowl (with the expensive and awesome) Schulana Capo Nord I have in stock.  This yarn is one of those you wouldn't mind just carrying the ball around and snuggling with.  I am working with 3 different colors, and have started and abandoned several projects with it.  It's heavy worsted weight/bulky but really needs to be knitted on size 13-15 needles, and I have tried it on 10's.  They work fine, but the yarn is wasted when it's too tightly knit.  So I'll frog it and and try a slouch hat, see if that works better.   The Mango yarn just GLOWS, it's so pretty.

6) 45 degree Angle Striped Scarf--I have pattern down, no problem (will post it when I remember it), but when knit too tightly, it tends to want to curl up.  Not like stockinette curls at the edges--more like an apple peeling wants to curl up after you've cut it off the apple.  This one is posted here (knitted too tightly in Capo Nord) and then frog the scarf and try again with another yarn.

Anyway...Happy Knitting & Get some sleep!

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